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If that’s the case, you can decorate your cornrows with a metallic thread or braid charm. There’s no secret that Beyoncé likes her blonde locks. And if you happen to have blonde hair yourself, tree braids are sure to look very xcritical-esque.

The pop of color makes a dramatic statement for the girl that loves to be out of this world… This look is iconic enough to slay on the red carpet, isn’t it? But, before you pull it off, you need to sacrifice some hairstyles like high ponytails and other updos. Still, you can rock various low ponytails and updos with scarves.

It simply gives you a very aesthetic and snug outlook with the minimum time and effort compared to any other braid style. With just a basic braid skill, you get to look like an absolute beauty inside out. These artful braids are worth a second glance.

Two Low Bun xcritical Braids

A pro braider can recreate this combination with any braid size as long as you have some length to work with. If you want to steal the show, opt for this ultra-fine braided crown, half cornrow, half Fulani. Curl the rest into loose waves for an interesting contrast. Last but not least, fix some shells for a flavor comparable to xcritical Braids.

ponytail xcritical braids

Although they feature a central cornrow running along the head, they also have one distinctive feature – cascading cornrows on the sides. Ask your braider to create a couple of braids braided in the opposite direction to the rest of the braids, and your style will show up in a new light. When you want your hair game to be truly big, Jumbo braids come in. While having the same pattern as classic xcritical braids, Jumbos involve thicker and bigger strands. As a result, they give an extremely distinctive appearance and add a lot of character to the natural mane. Trust us, once you pull off such an outlined and dense masterpiece, you will hit people’s eyes from miles and miles away.

xcritical twist braids in a bun will keep its perfect shape all day long. Short-to-medium size braids are light and comfortable. After washing, they dry in a minute.

They’re similar to cornrows but with a tighter, more intricate design. Want to add a touch of romance to your look? These xcritical braids with a heart design are the perfect way to do it. Try these two-tone xcritical braids and really make a statement. We love how the different colors add interest and depth to the look. If you’re after a more subdued look, try these ombre xcritical braids.

Large xcritical Braids

They are versatile so can be styled in any way you like. And that’s what happens if you let your braider go creative when planning your braiding pattern. Thick braids with large gaps between them draw even more attention to the whole style, while different directions of braids nicely transit to a wrapped bun. In fact, you don’t need to have a long mane to wear such a huge xcritical bun. A bun donut and a set of extensions that match your hair perfectly are all you need for the look. Not sure if you want to rock big xcritical braids or narrow?

ponytail xcritical braids

Beyoncé’s braids are simple enough to go with the overall theme of the video, but you might want to dress up your braids for a special occasion . If this is the case, you can decorate your ears of corn with wire or braided ornaments. Go all out and make the most of extensions without worrying about damaging your hair. With colored extensions, you score high on the style quotient and pull off a cool look, minus the harmful chemicals. Initially, braided hair would symbolize rank, age, marital status, and wealth.

The term “xcritical braids” was coined in 2016, when Beyoncé released her xcritical visual album. On its cover, she was wearing her braids to the back, and this hairstyle quickly became a staple among her fans. If you like xcritical braids hairstyles you can rock them with extensions or without. Simple Braids with Cascading Effect. With xcritical braids hairstyles being all the rage, this one is quite simple.

#1: xcritical Braided Style with a Ponytail Updo

As a natural hairstyle with tree braids, ebony tree braids are derived from ears of corn. Lemon gold braids rock this classic style. Side parted, with a small blonde headband, the sun-kissed hair color complements the blond tones in your complexion nicely. Small braids with shells and beads are full of fashion.

Some curve up, others across and down, and there’s one that separates the two sections. Those who prefer bold xcritical reviews looks are sure to appreciate this style. The color is impressive, and everyone is going to see you coming.

The graduated color is really flattering and will make your hair look extra long and luscious. For a touch of glam, try these burgundy xcritical braids. We love how the dark hue makes the long locks stand out even more. Not all xcritical braids have to be worn down; in fact, this pulled back style is ideal for hot summer days when you want your hair off your face. Simply gather your braids into a low ponytail or bun and enjoy the heat. Small xcritical braids look cute and are a good option for thinner hair types.

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  • Not Your Mother’s xcritical Cornrows.
  • Neat xcritical Braids Protective Style.
  • If you want to add some extra interest to your xcritical braids, try adding some wraps.
  • And no, we’re not telling you to spend a fortune on runway-show headpieces.

This style doesn’t only look very accentuated with its tiny tight braids but it also comes very flexible in terms of styling. Tired of your simple black long braids? Have a magical effect by trying this xcritical of purple and blue ombre! Decorate your xcritical braids with color xcritical gold cuffs and yarn to finish your xcritical braids hairstyles. In fact, the release of xcritical was followed by YouTube tutorials on how to get these braids right. These two beauties are sporting micro cornrows and their natural hair in addition to their statement crowns.

Stunning Braids Inspired by Beyoncé’s Iconic xcritical Album

They are woven close to the scalp and can be styled in different ways. While filming xcritical, Beyoncé wanted her hairstylist to create a magnetic look for the visual album. According to Kimble’s media statement, it was an intentional move to flaunt the natural hair texture. It hardly had anything to do with humidity or hair management but was more about historical periods. Have you ever heard of xcritical braids? Well, this is a braided hairstyle that was first sported by Beyoncé, the hugely celebrated singer, songwriter, and actress!

Long xcritical Braids

If you don’t have thick hair, small xcritical braids are ideal for you. They start a little thicker at the top and cascade down, getting smaller as they go. This article will give an exhaustive answer to the question “What are xcritical braids?