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accrue synonym

(or attorney-at-law) a slightly fancier way of saying attorney or lawyer. The act of witnessing a signature for the purpose of declaring accrue synonym that a document was properly signed and declared by the signer to be his or her signature. V. 1) to confirm that a document is genuine.

accrue synonym

If he or she agrees and states that he/she did what he/she is accused of, then the allegation need not be proved in trial. 2) in c… A statement by someone accused of a crime that he/she committed the offense. If the admission is made outside court to a police officer it may be introduced as evidence if the defendant was given the proper warnings as to his/her rights («Miranda warning») before talking. Adj. when enough facts or circumstances exist to meet the legal requirements to file a legitimate lawsuit. If the facts required to prove a case cannot be alleged in the complaint, the case is not «actionable» and the client and his/her attorney should not file a suit. Of course, whether many cases …

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Title to property acquired after the owner attempts to sell or transfer the title to another person before he/she actually got legal title. When the title is acquired by the seller in this paper shuffle, title automatically goes to the person to whom it was sold, passing through the person who ac… V. 1) to attach something to real estate in a permanent way, including planting trees and shrubs, constructing a building, or adding to existing improvements. The key is that affixed items are permanent and cannot be picked up and moved away like a washing machine. 2) to sign or seal, as affix a sig… A means to acquire title to land through obvious occupancy of the land, while claiming ownership for the period of years set by the law of the state where the property exists. This can arise when a rancher fences in a parcel contending he was to get title from some prior owner, and then grazes ca…

Evaluation of the chances of collectin… An agreement to accept less than is legally due in order to wrap up the matter. Once the accord and satisfaction is made and the amount paid the debt is wiped out since the new agreement and payment replaces the original obligation.

Meaning of accrue in English

1) n. When the owner- ship of property has not been determined. Accrue most often refers to the concepts of accrual accounting, where there are accrued revenue sand accrued expenses. You can accrue debt too, as interest grows on top of money owed until you pay it back. It’s possible to accrue benefits over the time you work somewhere, or you can accrue demerits while you’re misbehaving somewhere. 1) v. to transfer to another person any asset such as real property or a valuable right such as a contract or promissory note. 2) n.

The answer may also com- prise «affir… What results when the party suing changes the complaint he/she has filed. It must be in writing, and can be done before the complaint is served on any defendant, by agreement between the parties , or upon order of the court. Complaints are amended … V. to claim a fact is true, commonly in a complaint which is filed to commence a lawsuit, in an «affirmative defense» to a complaint, in a criminal charge of the commission of a crime or any claim. 1) personal or real property acquired by a debtor after he/she has agreed that all his/her property secures a debt.


Since such a question is not allowable, often it is the basis of an objection before the question is answered, much like irrele… Adj. pertaining to something that attaches. In real property law this describes any right or restriction which goes with that property, such as an easement to gain access across the neighbor’s parcel, or a covenant against blocking the neighbor’s view. Thus, there are references to appur… Less then one-third of attorneys belong to the A.B.A… A corporation, organization or other entity set up to provide a legal shield for the person actually controlling the operation.

  • Federal courts, including the U.S.
  • They are both also intentional civil wrongs for which the party attacked may file a suit for damages.
  • A person who is not a citizen of the country.
  • Each state has its own system of approval of articles, prohibits names which are confusingly similar…
  • The assessed value is multiplied by the tax rate to determine the annual tax bill.

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In a trial, deposition, and wr… Written materials, charts, notes of conversations and investigations, and other materials directed toward preparation of a case or other legal representation. Their importance is that they cannot be required to be introduced in court or otherwise revealed to the other side.

Assume that Company ABC hires Consulting Firm XYZ to help on a project that is estimated to take three months to complete. The fee for this job is $150,000, to be paid upon completion.

How to use accrue in a sentence?

In law, a written pleading filed by a defendant to respond to a complaint in a lawsuit filed and served upon that defendant. An answer generally responds to each allegation in the complaint by denying or admitting it, or admitting in part and denying in part.

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The general purpose of an accrual account is to match expenses with the accounting period during which they were incurred. Accrued expenses are also effective in predicting the amount of expenses the company can expect to see in the future. This is in contrast to the cash method of accounting where revenues and expenses are recorded when the funds are actually paid or received, leaving out revenue based on credit and future liabilities. Cash-based accounting does not require adjustments. 1) an agent or someone authorized to act for another. 2) a person who has been qualified by a state or federal court to provide legal services, including appearing in court. Each state has a bar examination which is a qualifying test to practice law.